I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 19, 2010 // 7:22 PM

HELLO. :D I am so hungry right now. I had noodles for lunch. Stupid boy skipped me and went to some other girl. HMPH. You're lucky you wear glasses. Ahahaha. >:D

Hmmm.. Oh. Danica came back today. She had evil on her shirt. COOOL. She's not even evil. SHE BOUGHT IT FOR $50.. FULL PRICED. WOAH. I'd never do that. Ahahaha.

Art was fun. Kinda. We have interesting conversations in art. AHEHEHE. Oh my. We have some task thing and we have to take a picture of ourselves.. and we have to do some weird pose. Man, my face isn't weird enough for you? MAYBE I'LL JUST FLARE MY NOSE.


Hey Bart. Hey Joe. What's the size of yo wiener? Is it da big one? Because i wanna put it in my mouse all the way down my sroat, make you feel da so gut. So many time. So you can feel my tees grind against yo wiener like da blendeeeer. That is the so gay.