I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 25, 2010 // 9:00 PM

Oh! We have some art challenge and it's sooo cool. It'll be so much hard work but it sounds really fun. :D I'm excited for tomorrow cos Yvy will be downloading some videos tonight. Hehe. >:D

YOU KNOW WHAT'S NICE? PEACHES AND VANILLA ICE CREAM. OH. MY. GOD. So, so nice. Danica's mum is nice. Haha. You know what's not? Canteen food. IT'S GETTING SO BORING. I used to be so excited about it cos.. i usually had peanut butter sandwiches everyday.. now i'm just sick of it. D:

I need to whiten up. D: MY MUM USED TO CALL ME WHITE. WHITEEEEE!!! Sometimes Cambodian but now.. SHE CALLS ME AFRICAN. I need Grace's whitening tips. :,( I'm gonna buy sunscreen tomorrow! :) So black now.. :( :( :(

OH, i saw Licks yesterday? Plain black.. $99. OR.. maybe i should get this? My black jeans don't fit me anymore. Too fat. LOL. ;D OH YEAH. The studded shorts from Sportsgirl are on sale.. AGAIN. My mum said she'd buy me them if they were on sale sooo.. YAY! FROM $80 TO $47. Holy crap. That's expensive. OH. MY. GAWD. THAT IS EXPENSIVE. AHAHAHAHA!!! I must think about it. :D And there's this playsuit.. it's pretty cute! :D I MUST WAIT TILL IT'S ON SALE. But it's strapless.. GET MY MUM TO ADD STRAPS. Genius. Haha.

I have no idea what to buy Danica. Oh dear lord. And Michelle. Aiya. Money. Stupid, stupid money. D: