I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 17, 2010 // 10:30 PM

Eww, i have to buy a new textbook cover cos mine's too small. Bloody hell. $4. FOUR DOLLARS. I COULD BUY FOOD WITH THAT. D: Canteen prices are so high now. AHAHAHAHA. I MISS $1 GARLIC BREAD. :,( Even Vege chips are $2. Come on. TWO DOLLARS. A GOLD COIN MAN. GOLD!!!!!

Margaret squeezed my boob and i swear it felt like it was bleeding. She is such a perve. Squeezing the juice out of my grapes! D: My boobs shrunk i think. AHAHAHA. Yeah. They did. How funny. 20DD IS THE SIZE OF MY HEAD. AHAHAHAHAHA. I can't fit an AA cup. LMAO. SO FUNNY ISN'T IT? I fit an A. Maybe cos the cup is more.. more.. covers more area. Oh. I forgot to mention Margaret's pussy nipples. PUSSY. Hmm.. haven't really laughed at her clapping clitoris lately.. hehe. THOSE FRUIT POP THINGS ARE ADDICTIVE.. MM..

AG.. crap got onto my clean shoes. Haha. Poor cow.. i didn't even see his hand go up her ass. Poor thing. Imagine that happening to us.. EWW.. AHAHAHAHAHA. FIST ME BABY, FIST MEEEEE. I saw real sperm under a microscope. Like, for realz baby. Like tiny fish. Hahaha.

Bowling was.. bleh. I LOST. AHAHAHAHA. I only remember winning once in my life. :( Didn't go shoppinf after. I didn't have money anyways.. I BOUGHT A TICKET FOR $2. SO SAD. D: I think i'll buy a book next week. :D

Holy moly. Soundwave is on Sunday and i'm not excited. Ahahaha. I'M ONLY WORRIED ABOUT MY FOOD. LOL. Ah. What do i wear.. SOMETHING WITH BIG POCKETS!!! I'll be so gangster. Maybe i'll pull out one of my epic dance moves. Exclusive previewing baby. Ahahaha.

HEY. HEY. Hi Julia. I want these things at the moment:

There's nothing to blog about these days.. so boring. D: