I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 4, 2010 // 8:11 PM

Kristina is one fierce beast. So, so scary.

I updated by tumblr by the way.

I'm gonna blog since i'm not doing my homework. Omg, Helena draws full good. Same with Koshila. Just wanna slap them in the face. They're not normal. Oh god. I forgot to read the first chapter for history. this Mr Purves is scary. :S

I'm online and looking at dresses. I think i'm in the mood cos in art me, Grace and Genevieve were talking about it. Ahaha. Grace drew weird drawings on her book. She makes everything look like birds. Weeee~

I wish i were rich and i could wear nice clothes. Such a shame i'm not. Ahahaha. ONE DAY. ONE DAY. LOL. Oh my gosh, i hate hot girls as well. So hot. Goddamn.

I was sitting at the bus stop today. I attract the most beautiful people. I sat down and five minutes later this old man and lady come and sit next to me. I already look like a loner as it was and i was texting like a lunatic. LOL. Then.. oh my god. That boy. So, so hot. His hair is so sexy. Just wanna run my hands through it. I'm joking. Probably full of gel and crap. Eww. Then when he ran for his bus.. AHAHAHAHAHA.. it was so funny. Anyways, this crazy white man sat down. He was smoking. Me, old man, old woman and crazy white man make the coolest gang out. I saw Grace in her white car. It was awkward for a bit when we said hi.. then her car just stayed there.. AHAHAHAHA.