I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 9, 2010 // 8:17 PM

Mm.. Mike needs to think more about girls of other nationalities. How could he be so narrow minded and only think about asians? he is missing out so bad. He's not interested in Miranda Kerr. I think he has issues. Even Kitty thinks she's not pretty cos of her weird shape face. Who cares. She's hot.

Mike: I bet you guys check out guys on the internet.
Julie: NO!
Kitty: NO!
Me: Err.. yes. :$

Hmmmm.. Ohhh.. ag was pretty fun. Kinda. Half of the class was gone though. MY SHOES GOT REALLY DIRTY. But.. i will not wash them cos i am not bothered. Omg. The piggery doesn't even smell inside. It's all cramped and awww. Poor mama pig. :,( THE BABY PIGS ARE SO CUTE. LOL. THE RUNT IS THE CUTEST OF COURSE. ONE OF THE PIGS HAD REALLY BIG EARS.. AHAHAHA.

OH MY GOSH. In science. I actually understood what Mr Peck was saying. Welll, most of it. Such a proud day for me. Hey. Today was a pretty good day.

Lunch was weird. Margaret tried plucking my grapes. Tracey said my grapes are in season. Indeed, she is correct. That time of month has come again but.. soon enough.. they'll shrivel into sexy sultanas. I walked into a pole also. It was a bit sore for a while but it's fine now. :D Oh yes. MARGARET ALSO CHECKED OUT MR HARCIC'S PANTS... she said they were too tight and.. both of his balls were one side? She is one sick, sick girl. She is such a perve. LOL. We had this little war.. battle thing.. i had no idea what point there was behind it. We were just punching each other's.. CHESTS (though she did pinch mine a few times.. @_@"), slapping some ass and screaming. Yeah. That's a girl war for ya. Oh yeah. Supposedly my new nickname is.. pube lice or something? AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I have homework for english.. oh crab cakes.

Graphics was boring. Cos me and Yvy were seperated. Awww. NOT COS WE WERE BAD OR ANYTHING.. COS.. Mr Haracic has ocd. Full aligning the tables and stuff.. his accent is so funny. Everytime he says drawing i laugh inside. I don't care if you i'm being mean Vivian. It's funny. LOL. I should befriend him and tell him to say my name is Dracula. Muahahaha.

I spelt Mr Gippel's name wrong cos i remembered Gippel rhymed with nipple. I was too scared to tell him but i was sure thinking it. LOL. Not like i'm the first one to do it.. AHAHAHAHA.

I'm watching My Kitchen Rules and.. i wanna eat a macaroon. I have never had one but i'm sure it is delicious. Mm.. looks so good.

So guys? WHAT ARE YOU WEARING TOMORROW? I suggest wear nothing. It's the easier option. Oh man. I just remembered we have to bring a gold coin. Goddamn. It's for the costume competition. That's it. One dollar for you. I've decided to go swimming carnival now. Grace, don't bash me. :D

This song is really good. I've had this song for agesssssssssss.. and never realised how good it was cos i never listened to the lyrics.

I was on the edge
Of a distant world
A shattered life
With no where left to turn
Till I saw you there
And everything I thought had gone to waste
Was falling into place