I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 11, 2010 // 9:17 PM

My nose is black again. Before.. it whitened down now it's black again. When i got home and looked in the mirror, my nose was burnt. Like, sunburnt! REDDDD. HOW WEIRD. It tingled when i touched it. Speaking of which.. I HAD A NUMB ASS TODAY. It is so weird. Really.

The swimming carnival was pretty good. :D Okay, only the getting into the pool part. OMG. I ACCIDENTALLY TOOK $2 FROM.. THAT STAND. HOLY CRAP.. AHAHAHAHA!!!! WHAT DO I DO? DO I SPEND OR DONATE? LOL. OMG. I'm gonna donate or karma will come get me.

Cheering is so boring cos i'm not really.. exactly enthusiastic. Not so enthusiastic with dancing either.. ahahaha. Margaret dances so.. err.. so very excited. All the time.

Kristina won a few races and she also pulled me into the pool. Since i was already wet, why not stay there anyway? ;) Did i tell you my nose is burnt? Well, i'm saying it again. My nose is freaking burnt.

My phone bill was crazy. I full went over. I am so horrible. I full got told off. D:

I CAN'T BE BOTHERED BLOGGING ANYMORE.. i haven't done my homework. I am such a rebel. Oh yeah, i'll upload some of the pictures tomorrow.