I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 10, 2010 // 7:24 PM

Omg. I owe Margaret $1. I know that she knows it.. ahahaha. Speaking of Margaret.. I AM SO BLACK RIGHT NOW. Manita pointed it out. Oh no. Stupid walking. I thought walking would be fun. From the sound of it, it sounds so nice and calm. YOU ARE WRONG. It is pretty bad if you don't have a hat, suncreen and a big bottle of water. Aiya. D:

Art was fun. I think. Was it? Grace. I suggest you talk to him right now or he'll forget who you are and will never, ever, ever love you. Or in other words.. DO IT NOW. AHAHAHAHAHA. Genevieve loves.. A gangster with a diamond earring. YO! LMAO. Diamond earrings looks funny on guys unless they're like.. a rapper or something.. LIKE EMINEM AND FIDDY CENT. LMAO. Why do rappers always have weird names? CHINGY.. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Or.. LIL' WAYNE. Lil' Wayne isn't even little. STOOPID. Bow WOW! See what i did?1 I CAPITALISED WOW. Bow WOWWWW!!!!! Sounds like a dog name. Woof. Oh my gosh. I full got off track. ANYWAYS, Genevieve. You are right. A little overboard.

I spilt my fried rice. So sad. Margaret didn't try to pluck my grapes today but she did want to show off her.. DAVENPORT UNDERWEAR. They were aqua and white. I finally returned my library books i never read. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy. I HAD SO MANY WEDGIES
TODAY. Usually when i do. I have to tell someone. ;D Omg. Did you know Margaret has a really weird medical problem? Her clitoris claps when she walks.. eww. Clitoris.. THOSE FLAPS OUTSIDE OF YO VAGINA. AHAHAHA. How can a twelve year old not know that? Silly girl. CLAPPING CLITORIS. CLAPPITY, CLAP. Yes, yes. She needs vaginal tightening cream. Don't worry Midge. I'll order some for you since i'm such a kind friend. I know. I'm just lovely.

MIDGE CHANGED IN PUBLIC. SHE HAD A BRA FLASH WHICH LASTED FOR AROUND 20 SECONDS.. i swear Kevin was staring.. unless.. he likes staring at bushes. LOL. Sexy stuff. Marge and that infamous spotted bra. LMAO

Oh yeah. If you see me and Margaret punching each other in the chests and slapping each others asses.. sometimes Marge will make some weird sound.. which sounds like an orgasm. Don't mind us. We aren't lesbian. Let me confirm that. Why would i wanna be with a whore like her? SHE'S THE ONE THAT'S EXCITED ABOUT THE SALE AT SUPRE. SUPRE MEANS SLUT IN FRENCH. DID YA KNOW? DID YA? DID YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?! I was so sad when Manita asked me if i got my singlet from Supre. Broke my heart. I haven't asked about our OUTING on Saturday. Going Livo cos we're gangster. I'm gonna tell my mum i'm going to look for books to read with my model friend.. lol.

Shivani has green nails. GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN. Green looks funny. AHAHAHAHAHA. Her nails are long and nice so you forget about the green. Mr Gippel thinks our class is smart. Ohhhhh. It nice to know that someone thinks i'm actually smart. LOL.


That gangstamatta for you. Oh god. Lawrence is lame. AHAHAHA. Gangstamatta. Oh my. KAT WAS AT CABRA TODAY. It was so weird. Her first time coming to cabra without a car? LOL. So funny. SHE'S HALF VIETNAMESE. WOAHHHHH.

I had a fruit shake today and the combinations of fruits i chose were nice. Ahahaha. WOW. BERRIES STAIN YOUR HANDS. Yeah... we bought frozen berries instead of ice cream. Ah, those berries would've been good on vanilla ice cream. Mm.. :9 Hok plum
juice tastes disgusting. Asian parents are bloody crazy. SOUR, SWEET AND SALTY. EWW. HAHAHA.

Hey! Swimming carnival tomorrow! I think everyone in my group is going except for Vivian. What. A. Rebel. Oh yeah. Lisa too. To go shopppinggg. Ahahaha. Grace isn't going shopping tomorrow. ;D

THIS IS TOTALLY MY FACE.:O) Small eyes, BIG NOSE, err.. okay. The lips have shrunk but the nose is the same, okay? What a discovery. i DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS EMOTICON USUALLY MEANS.. ahaha. Asian with big nose. Heyyyy. (3 is like ^^ but lips. Ahahahahahaha. I also realised.. i have no life.. LOL. No wait. I'M GOING ON OUT ON SATURDAY. I HOPE. YEAHHHH.

My aunty said cho tet at Fairfield is next week, not this week. She said it's only cabra and fireworks at this temple this week. True or false? Yay or nay?

Is it normal to really love reading catalogues.. even CHEMIST WAREHOUSE'S?