I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 2, 2010 // 9:33 PM

Today was an interesting day. I'm uncapped! Yeahhh. :D

Mm.. this morning i thought the window was super clean. It really did look clean. Okay, there was no window but hey.. CLEANER THAN USUAL. Awww, Mike loves Sylvian. how cute. Ahehehe. :D I saw Shoshi for the first time in agesssssss. But that was pretty much it in the morning.

Ohhhh. ART WAS FUN. Kinda. Err. Okay, it wasn't. Eww, the teacher had to take a picture of everyone.. AND I HAVE PIMPLES TODAY. AHAHAHA. Oh god. I ran away, well.. tried to. My eyes were closed. I just know it.

Science Mr Geerling? Did burnt wax and some mystery ingredient. Ahahaha. It was fiery. We all had to exacuate in the end. After that.. graphics is boring.

Eurgh, i'm just not bothered to blog today. Sorry for the boring post.