I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 3, 2010 // 9:06 PM

While walking to roll call.. it was really crowded so i held onto Margaret and she walked too fast and i tripped over my own feet. During art.. every was so into what the teacher was doing so.. I WANTED TO JOIN IN TOO so i full leaned in and i fell off the chair. I landed on my feet. I know, i'm awesome. LOL. Miss Ross didn't tell me off or anything, how nice. :D Her drawing was full pro. Eww, i don't wanna draw a picture of myself. I look horrid. One of my eyes are closed and the other is half closed.. oh god. LOL. Oh, i almost drop my lunch too. Clumsy day.

Kristina made my glasses full black. It's kinda weird how everything.. like all the time.. THE MOOD IS THE SAME. I don't know how to explain it. Like, it's nice how everything's bright and stuff ut then my glasses make it look like it's dark all the time. LOL. Yeah. but, i guess i have to deal with it. BY THE WAY VIVIAN, MY GLASSES AREN'T SWINGS!!!!

Where's Wally is an awesome app. Kids version. AHAHAHAHAHA.

I SIGNED UP FOR MAC BOWLING. The teacher said it'll probably be year 11 and 10 cos well.. you know how we are soooooo special now. Ahahaha. ;D Bowling is actually fun. I think my whole group is doing bowling except for Margaretttttttttt. Stupid girl is obsessed with basketball and loves to show off her.. HEIGHT ADVANTAGE, AHAHAHAHA.

Oh! I wanna watch Valentine's Day. Jessica Alba. Mm.. and Ashton Kutcher.. ahehehe. :$ I hope i can watch it with Midge. AHAHAHAHAHA. I won't be lonely on Valentine's Day. I will always have that rose.. that Angela gives out to everyone in our group.. AHAHAHAHA. I remember when she gave me my first one last year. How embarassing. LOL.

Probably won't get any of this stuff but it doesn't hurt to dream. Ahehe.


- Studded Denim Short - $59.95
- Deluxe Denim Short - $59.95
- Phoenix Stud Bag - $49.95

Bye now! GONNA WATCH GANGS OF OZ.. LMAO. My kinda stuff. Maybe i'll see some of my friends.. Ha.