I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 18, 2010 // 8:41 PM

Why hello my pretties. >:D

I think half of my group are at finals night? WELL.. i finished my homweork. HA. HOW FUN. I painted my rude finger red.. cos i'm bad ass. Not really.

I need to find out who Kitty's secret lover is. Hmph. Stupid girl won't tell me. Man, i keep a secret. Pshh. CANTEEN FOOD SUCKS BUTT HOLE. 'Oh, why did you get garlic bread for? AGAIN?'. Jeez. IT'S CHEAP OKAY, AND I'M QUITE CHEAP SO WE WERE MEANT TO BE SO STOP ASKING ME. LOL.

We had ag prac today. It was pretty dirty. KENNY HAD CRAP ON HIS SHIRT.. and he was full scared of it and he's the one to get crapped on. I didn't get down and dirty, instead.. i stood around picking at Manisay's shirt. :D ALOHA HAWAII. :) THERE WERE CUTE.. STEERS? AWWWW. You eat them. POOR THEM. LOL. I was staring at one of their hooves.. and thought about pho. Eww. LOL. Manisay was so worried about what to wear tomorrow. Rak wasn't. SHe doesn't wanna wear anything. LMAO


THE NEW TRAIN PASS IS UGLY. D: I shouldn't drink 600ml of chocolate milk. :S So, so, so full. D: GRAPHICS WAS BORING AS ALWAYS.. ahahaha. The teacher is so funny. LOL. His voice.. it's just funny already.

OH NO. WENDY'S BOYFRIEND THINKS I'M A WEIRD ASS LESBIAN. D: BUT EVERYONE KNOWS I'M NOT A LESBIAN!! I LOVE THE MALE RACE TOO MUCH. LOL. Grace got off at Cabra.. she did not wait at the bus stop with me. :( Maybe tomorrow.

HEY. HEY. I FINISHED MY HOMEWORK FOR TOMORROW. YEAHHH. :D Eww. For art, my face looks.. eww.. i look freaking chinese. I'M NO CHINEE. I'M VIETNAMEE. :,( I look ugly with a nice long nose. LIKE, UGLIER.

How gangster are these shoes? Ahahaha.