I have bitch face syndrome.

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March 22, 2010 // 8:22 PM

THE BUSES CHANGED. Metro Link! :O How weird, reminds me of mac fields. Aww. :(

Yuck, my hair was disgusting today. AND YOU KNOW WHAT I DID WHEN I GOT HOME? THAT'S RIGHT. I WASHED IT. NOW IT'S ALL SILKY AND DELICIOUS. I'm never gonna put all my hair back in public again. It feels weird.

HI. I'M GOING TO RAPE YOUR CHILDREN. HAHAHAHA. Pedophile glasses. 8) Apple core.. HAHAHA. Mr Shaker is so lame. He fulls yells and he is so crazy. LOL. We didn't really do anything in PE. :|

Yayyyy, Parra on Saturday with Margaret, Wendy and, maybe, Yvy. I HAVEN'T ASKED MY MUM YET, but.. I CAN STILL BE EXCITED IF I WANNA. CRAP. I haven't finished Danica's card. -_-"

I want some corn ice cream.



I don't know if i have homework.

I'm scared about preg testing.

I'm getting bored of the songs i have.

Must find a new song to listen to.