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March 27, 2010 // 9:41 PM


HIIIII. I WENT PARRA TODAY WITH THE LADIES (Wendy and Marge). HAHAHAHA. Omg. SAW NO HOT MEN. :'( Always, always. There are never any hot guys at Parra.. LOL. THEY PROBABLY AVOID ME COS THEY KNOW I'M ON THE PROWL. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, i miss those days.

Omg. I bought a chai tea frappe and it tasted like donuts. Okay, cinnamon but cinnamon tastes like donuts? LOL. OMG. HOW BAD ASS DOE CHAI TEA SOUND, RIGHT? RIGHT? RIGHTT? Yes. :D While we were eating and drinking.. well.. Margaret and Wendy were eating.. WE TALKED ABOUT BOOBS AND.. HAHAHAHAHA. IT WAS SO FUNNY COS THE WOMAN BESIDE US WAS EAVESDROPPING AND WE WEREN'T USING OUR INDOOR VOICES. LOL.

I didn't buy anything today. Only this grey shirt from Cotton On Body for $7.50. Hahaha. MARGARET GOT THIS SHIRT OF A PIGEON FOR $5. MUAHAHAHA. >:D OH. I think i'm gonna get black Cheap Mondays. So black and comfy.

Hmm.. Oh yes. We saw Sophiea and.. :O She looked really nice and lady like. LOL. AND TALL. HER DAD FOUND HER. OMG. We were in this shoe store then Margaret was talking to her. Margaret saw Sophiea's dad looking at her from outside the store. He walked off then bam! SHE RAN FOR HER LIFE. LOL. We saw Angela as well. SHE WAS ALSO TALL.

YES. SO IT WAS FUNNNNNNN. :D We should do it again. :)

Beautiful girls all over the world, i could be chasin' but my time would be wasted. They got nothin' on you baby, nothin' on you babyyy. They might say hi, i might say hey. You shouldn't worry about what they say cos they got nothin' on you baby, nothin' on you babyyyyyy.