I have bitch face syndrome.

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March 18, 2010 // 8:24 PM

DOING MATHS HOMEWORK. HAHAHA. I lied. I'm not. I HAD A NAP, so i didn't go late night. Haha. (H)

Omg, you know what? Tracey is right. Mr Mcgregor is actually a good teacher. I actually learn stuff.. even if he's kinda scary. :) THE DAY WAS QUITE BROING WITHOUT THE VIVSTER. HAHAHA.

I'm gonna make my blog private. I'm making a list of people to invite. IF YOU WANNA BE INCLUDED. COMMENT MY CBOX. Haha. Yeah. I don't want crazy people reading my blog, like that crazy.. person.. HAHA. :,( SO SCARY. D; Damn. I change my mind now. It's too hard. LOL.

I never really blog properly song anymore. LOL