I have bitch face syndrome.

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March 2, 2010 // 7:56 PM

Holy crap. It's Danica's birthday tomorrow and i haven't even made her card. I have homework to do and like, oh man. Hahaha. MIGHT HAVE TO DELAY HER PRESENT..

I'm pretty behind. Not really but i have some homework:
- Finish 1.4 & 1.5 in science homework book
- English analysis, redo ad then send to teacher
- Read book for english.. D:
- History questions
- Start on one of the art challenges :S
Err.. how the heck am i supposed to find an ecstacy.. druggo kinda song in my library? Oh goodness. HAHAHAHA.

Oh my god. Some fans are attacking 2pm. POOR NICKHUN AND WOOYOUNG. THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL. WHY?! Little assholes. I STILL SUPPORT THEM! Even though, they kinda.. ONLY kinda.. suck now. Hahaha. WITHOUT JAEBEOM. Oh man. Jay.. so sexy. LMAO. Wooyoung is so nice. :,)

Wooyoung: Serious talk should be answers to questions. Honestly, my heart is breaking down… (sighs) we came here today willing to invest the entire day and talk seriously with all of you. Please understand that our answers may get dragged on and we think this conference is valuable in that we can tell you our serious stories. We are really sad and heartbroken about what happened. In my case, I wasn’t good enough to be a member of 2PM, as you all know I lacked acrobatic skills or singing skills and thanks to Junho, Chansung, Taecyeon, Khun, Junsu and our leader Jaebeom I could be in 2PM. I was thankful of and felt sorry to our members each and every day because I was not good enough. We could do this together thanks to our trusty members. Even when we were hurt because of little things we tried to talk those out. Although we didn’t have any fans in the beginning but we tried and one by one we started getting those that would cheer us on. I felt really thankful and realized what it feels like to be proud. Every album we tried out best. Jaebeom can make mistakes but really, we might be able to forgive him since we trust him and you all might forgive him… yes, we forgive him. You heard it, right? We forgive Jaebeom. But we made such decision because… (pause) we are not the only ones in this world. Other countries and other nationalities. Living things. We are not the only ones in this world so we couldn’t just think about ourselves. Because we thought about others we started thinking into the future. Thought about we might feel really hurt now, but will we regret out decision in future? Those were our concerns. This decision left a crack between our fans and us. We do not want that, nor do we want a crack between Jaebeom and us. We prepared with all our heart and because of that the crack feels so wide. I spoke with all my heart but if you still feel the need to point fingers at us, please understand the feelings of us 7 of 2PM, that way we can be over this crack and together again. Those are my thoughts.

I'VE REALLY STARTED HATING SCHOOL LATELY. Not school but i just feel dumb and feel i'm not as good as everyone else. Like, Tracey mentioned this guy from James Ruse makes her feel stupid. Well, that's what i feel like now.. at Hurlstone. I know, so depressing. I'm not good enough. D:

Some creepy man touched my hand today. :S TRIED TO TALK TO ME AND SAT SO CLOSE TO ME. NO LONGER SITTING AT THAT PLACE ANYMORE. D: Asked me for $2. Who would i choose? Nice looking asian girl or man with crazy eyes and crooked teeth? I choose the girl. Thank god she came by.. she said he did it to her to. As well as her friend. How scary. :S