I have bitch face syndrome.

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March 24, 2010 // 7:48 PM

The picture that did not end up on facebook.. lol.

HEY LIZA CHAO. I'M GONNA ADVERTISE MY FORMSPRING. Ask me something or you can no longer stalk my blog anymore.

I put my hand up a cow's ass today. Nobody took a picture cos i was last. So sad. :( THE HOLE IS SO BLOODY WEIRD. IT OPENED AND CLOSED, OPEN AND CLOSED. SERIOUSLY. I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND HOW MY FIST FIT UP THERE. Poor cow, it was so calm. Didn't even poop on me. TRIED PUSHING ME OUT THOUGH. I THOUGH IT WAS CRAP.. BUT IT WASN'T. THE COW DIDN'T WANT MY HAND UP THERE, THAT'S ALL. LOL. That was the highlight of my day.