I have bitch face syndrome.

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March 19, 2010 // 6:34 PM

Science was a bludge. WE JUST BURNT MATCHES. :D I got a drop of hydrochloric acid on my hand.. AND I DIDN'T DIE. LOL. It was pretty fun actually, the pracs. Shivani showed me this site.. so i could go on facebook.. and now it's blocked. I think it's my fault. LOL. Woops. (A)

We didn't have assembly today but.. THE CANTEEN WOULDN'T OPEN. I WANTED TO EAT SOME BLOODY NOODLES. So, me and Vivian walked back.. AND THENNN, we came back to the canteen with Margaret. We got kicked out of the line like everybody else then.. THE BATTLE BEGAN. I don't know how it started. We punched each other's.. chests and VAG BONES. LMAO. Yes. Then.. suddenly.. boys appeared. Julia.. lifted up my dress. That big boobed whore. HAHAHA. (L)

English. Mrs Young wasn't there so we had this.. guy. He let us do anything. I have english homweork. ow. :( ARGH. HOTEL 626 IS SOOOO SCARY. :( :( :(

I finally paid back Vanessa. MM.. I had some progress in art. BUT, my face looks ugly cos it's pink. Eww, i have no idea what i'm doing. Omg. Grace and Genevieve's are really good. The lights were turned off for the earth hour thing so when the lights were turned back on, everything looked really different and.. GRACE WAS REALLY ORANGE. LOL. My underpainting was okay.. but.. my eyes were really, REALLY ugly and crazy.

YAY. WE DIDN'T HAVE PURVES EITHER. WOOOOO! LMAO. I got.. scared.. again. :( We had Mr Wilson instead.. he didn't do anything besides.. stare at the wall. LOL

Margaret is a whore that quit tutor. :(