I have bitch face syndrome.

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April 24, 2010 // 9:01 PM

I went to eat at Yum Cha with my family today. >:D IT WAS FUN. MM.. so delicious and so very expensive. $70+ HOW EXPENSIVE. LOL.

After that, me, my mum and dad went to dfo. So i'm guessing i'm not going on Monday. Haha, sorry Marge. YOU'LL BE SEEING ME TOMORROW ANYWAYS. I told my mum about Margaret's cheapness and she laughed pretty hard. HAHAHA!!! I tried on a jumpsuit today.. IT WAS REALLY FUNNY... AND ALSO EXPENSIVE. $120, can you believe it! That's crazy!

My mum exchanged her two month old Oroton umbrella.. and they let her. HOW NICE. WELL, I TOLD THEM IT WAS FROM A FEW WEEKS AGO.... HAHAHAHAHA. She hasn't even used it since it's broken and all. Without a receipt too! SHE EXCHANGED IT FOR A BIGGER, AWESOMER UMBRELLA. It's blue. I THINK MY FAVOURITE COLOUR IS NAVY NOW. NAVY IS SUCH A SEXY COLOUR. HAHAHA. (L)

I didn't buy anything. ONLY NAIL POLISH, THE SAME COLOUR AS THE CHANEL ONE I WANTED. Ah, so pretty. For only $4.95. GOOD BARGAIN, HUHH? It used to be $15. >:D Oh yeah! I bought a hat.. 40% off. I looked so gangster. Haha. SERIOUSLY. I DID. I SHOULD'VE DONE AN OUTIFIT OF THE DAY. HAHAHA!!! DAMN. MY HAIR LOOKED PRETTY G TOO. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

After dfo, we went to Bankstown Centro.. IS THAT WHAT IT'S CALLED?! AHAHAHA. IT'S SOUNDS NICE THOUGH. LOL. Yes, anyways.. me and my mum went to Myer. I tried on this dress by Review. Oh. Mah. Gawd. I WANNA BE SMART SO I CAN GET A GOOD JOB AND I'LL BE ALLOWED TO WEAR NICE CLOTHES. I tried on this business-y kinda dress. Damn it looked good. I SHOULD UPLOAD A PICTURE.. i was sad cos i couldn't buy it.. so, so sad. So then i started asking my mum if we had to go to a wedding anytime soon and she says.. that there may be one wedding but the guy didn't ask the lady to marry him yet. WELL HE SHOULD. HAHAHA. THE DRESS WAS 40% OFF. Ah, so, so beautiful. I tried on a similar one by Cue, damn. So very beautiful. HAHAHA!!!!

My back is hurting. I'm gonna go now.