I have bitch face syndrome.

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April 23, 2010 // 9:43 PM


In graphics Yvy was complaining about how her dress was too long and it'd make her legs look short, even with heels. Poor girl. She can't even hem it up.. cos then the material would be effed. Hahaha. Oh well. HAHAHA. Mr Haracic is full nice to her. Yesterday, he noticed Yvy being very distracted so he walked up.. i was trying to a fake lash on Yvy's eye. When he came, we stopped and Yvy turned to him.. with the fake eyelashes dangling. HAHAHA. It was just too funny. LOL. The whole time they were talking.. the fake eyelashes still dangling.. HAHAHAHA!!!!

Omg. I full studied history and i got it all down in my head. I full stuffed up the test, not because i didn't know the answers but because i came late. ARGH. @$#@$ -sigh- The thing is, i actually studied! Well, what's done is done i guess. It was only a quiz so mehhhhh.

Vivian's party was of tha chainnnnnnnnnn. Okay, not really. Our group has too many people and.. TOO MANY PARTIES. LOL. Ah, i stuffed my face. Yes, be excited for your present Vivian. HMPH. FINE, SAY NO TO MY PAPER MACHE BOOK. HMPH. :,(

For the first time in my life, i did something right in PE. Oh, the world must be ending. I passed correctly and did the bouncy thing.. THE TEACHER EVEN SAW. HAHAHA. Way to up my self esteem. Oh, rhe world isn't ending. I failed at the real game, turns out Tracey was the true star. I scream too much. I must be terribly annoying. I'm sorry. Okay, i lied. I'm not. I don't care. LOL. I went Shivani and she cried. I lied about that too, she didn't. She threw water at me and it got into my laptop, actually.. onto. It didn't get into the holes.. no problemo. Only a bit in the usb thing. I sucked it out. HAHAHA. It's all good. Laptop tastes funny..

Guess what! Science wasn't that bad. I thought i'd be lonered in the front but i was wrong. I HAD ANNA. Yay. Not so lonely after all. Haha. Omg, i just remembered. Margaret could be very easily mistakened for a women. She's got the boobs, the boobs and the voice. HAHAHA. IT'S SCARY. Cos after tutor, i was in the car.. we drove past some shops. I passed one shop and realised a very sexy woman standing in front (note: it was dark, HAHAHA) of the shop. TURNS OUT IT WAS MARGARET. I knew it was her with that.. red bag of hers. LOL.