I have bitch face syndrome.

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April 11, 2010 // 2:49 PM

HIII. SO. I'VE BEEN DEAD FOR THE PAST WEEK. Not really. I've been sick and i've been better since.. Friday? Damn it. Hahaha. I had to go tutor that day. So i planned NOT to go by calling my mum to tell her i feel sick. But.. it failed. Cos okay.. most of the conversation was very believable until i said.. 'Oh no! What about tutor.. :O' I know, i'm a dumb ass. LOL

Yeeeeeeah. I WENT DFO YESTERDAY. ;D OMG. SO MUCH HOMEWORK. DAMN IT. I'm not going Anne's tomorrow. I can't be bothered and i didn't get her a present and my mum wants me to go Parra. AND, MY AUNTY IS TAKING ME TO.. I DUNNO. SOMETHING ABOUT YOUTH ALLOWANCE. YAYYYYYYYY. :D

I can't wait till Thursdayyyyyyyyyy. :D

She is unbelievably good.. holy wow.