I have bitch face syndrome.

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April 14, 2010 // 8:56 PM

I was supposed to go library today but then.. stupid Andy canceled. :@ MAN WHORE. HMPH. So instead.. i was thinking of art and the dressing up thing. LOL. I WANTED TO DRESS UP AS A BAD ASS SO I DID. LOL. I asked my brother if i looked like a bad ass but he said i looked like a druggo.. DRUGGOS ARE BAD ASS, AREN'T THEY? THEY BREAK THE LAW WITH THEIR ILLEGAL DRUGS. THAT'S PRETTY BAD ASS TO ME. LOL. I took some photos. Oh, i took some embarrassing ones so i can put it in Michelle's book. :D

Michelle told me some dodgy man asked her if she was single and it was a near rape situation. LOL. AT LEAST HE DIDN'T TOUCH YAAAAAAAA. :( Yay, city tomorrow. Haha. :D

Oh, i did the full bad ass hair plait thing wear it full goes around your head.. i have learnt.. I NEED TO BUY SOME BOBBY PINS!!!

Awww, i love old songs. Hahaha. (L) Brings back so many memories. HAHAHA. :D I don'r care if rnb is stupid, meaningless and crap. I'M ASIAN. LOL.

Omg, i remember when people used to think Ciara was a man. Awww, but she was too beautiful to be a man. Haha. Turns out she's not.. they mistaked her for someone else with the same name. LOL.