I have bitch face syndrome.

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May 6, 2010 // 8:58 PM

Hehehe. :$ I think Genevieve would like this. :D

Art excursion today. It was very.. chilled. HAHAHAHA. Omg, i got told off by this bitchy security guard. Miss Ross got told off too and she rolled her eyes. HE TOLD ME OFF COS.. I PUT MY HANDS IN THE AIR NEAR A PAINTING WITH MY BAG ON.. AND YEAH. UT SERIOUSLY. THE GODDAMN PAINTING WAS JUST BLUE. LIKE. THERE'S NOTHING ON IT BUT BLUE PAINT. WHO GIVES A CRAP. IT'S JUST BLUE. Damnnn. Everyone was so bitchy today. like when we were leaving, Mitchell waved bye to this security guard.. he just glared at Mitchell. I BET HE'S RACIST. HAHAHA. That's always the first thing we assume, right? LOL. OH YEAH. AND THE WORST TRAIN DRIVER IN THE WORLD CLOSED THE DOORS ON LISA COS HE THOUGHT WE WERE JIGGING. AFTER CLOSING THE DOORS ON LISA, HE THEN TELLS US OFF FOR STANDING ON THE STAIRS? TWICE. HE SAID WE SHOULD GET TO CLASS OR SOMETHING. What a douche.

We lost Lisa but then we found her. Tadaaa. LOL. CAPS WAS.. ERR.. EXCITING. The train ride home was quiet. It was only me and Genevieve. We were too tired to say anything.. haha. I can't be bothered recounting in detail. Back to my silver story! Byeee.