I have bitch face syndrome.

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May 22, 2010 // 6:51 AM

Wow, how beautiful is Gabriela Cilmi? :$

Yay, going Parra today with Margaret and hopefully Wendy, ALDO BUDDY. :( I am going to buy shoes today. I have $90. :D Saved up from... 5 months ago.. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Such a good girl. LOL. Yayyyyyy, Parra. :D

Yesterday me and Kokkinis were supposed to go eat pizza but instead i bought a shallot bun and a large fruit shake while she bought a three dollar bubble tea BECAUSE THAT I MORE EXCITING THAN DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS PIZZA. HAHAHAHA. :(

You know what? I'm really bad at sports so i prefer independent sorta sports rather than team ones cos.. I STINK AND DON'T WANNA LET ANYONE DOWN. I scream a lot. It's like a natural reaction.. HAHAHAHAHA. I don't want to scream but i just do. So embarrassing. Oh, i think me, Vivian and Grace are going to sign up for tennis next sports session. HAHAHAHA. MAYBE I'LL BE BETTER AT TENNIS COS.. YOU HAVE TO HIT THE BALL HARD. Unlike table tennis.. maybe i have bad aim. HAHAHA. T.T" Now i have to buy a tennis racket? DAMN IT. LOL.