I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 2, 2010 // 7:40 PM

Had AG prac today! I ACTUALLY PARTICIPATED. I OWNED THOSE GOATS. HAHAHAHA, DAMN. They poop so much. So much more than Michelle, POO BUDDY. :D Yeeeeeeeah. All the Jap people were gone so our group was just me, Andrea, Carmen and Shivi. HAHAHAHA. SHIVANAYYE.

Genevieve's party was really good today! I have to chip in tomorrow cos there was so much food. LOL. Yaaaaah. :) THERE WAS SO MUCH OUR GROUP DIDN'T EVEN FINISH AND OUR GROUP IS HUGE! Genevieve's cupcakes were so cute! There was a pink and white theme.. and it was unintended. Haha. Awww. Yeah, it was nice. Everyone had fun. >:D OMG. HAHAHAHAHAHA. IT WAS SO FUNNY WHEN YVY DID THAT LITTLE.. WORKOUT THING. LOL. She was so tired. :)

Instead of going to sport or whatever, we went to the hall to watch a movie.. or.. well.. JUST LAY AND SCARE KABIR WITH OUR HANDS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nicholas' hair feels gross. OMG. HOW HOT IS JAY, he has such a nice ass. ROFL. Ah, GRACE. THERE MUST BE MORE JAYS IN THE WORLD. :'( Anyways, yeahhhh. EVERYONE WAS LAYING DOWN AND.. IT WAS FUNNY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. LIZA GOT UP AND IT LOOKED LIKE SHE JUST HAD SEX. ROFL!!!!

Oh yeah, English isn't tomorrow so that visual task we had to do is due on Friday!

I want some new clothes. MYER STOCKTAKE SALE. I'm going to Parra with my mum on Saturday! CHACHING! LOL. :D

" I've always been attracted to girls with interesting noses"
Lmfao, that just reminded me of you ;D
See there are guys out there that love girls with interesting noses.
Well peace out. Stuff to do.

Awww, what a cute girl. Hahaha.