I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 16, 2010 // 8:45 PM

Danica just linked this to me. Oh Danica. :$ ROFL

Okay. I haven't blogged in like a billion years. LOL. Oh! I GOT 31/40 FOR ENGLISH,thirteen for scetion one, 18 for section two. Since i'm no Genevieve, i don't think it's 'okay'. I was freaking jumping for joy when i got my mark. HAHAHA. I know it's just 77% but! It's like... the best thing i've done out of all my exams, showing just how stupid i am. LOL. Oh, that rhymed. HAHAHAHA.

Had tennis today. I think i can finally confirm that i was not made for sport, at all. I'm good at any sport. Soccer. NO. Basketball. NO. Netball. NO. Tennis. BIG, FAT, JUICY NO. :( I'm not good at anything. :,(

School finished at 2 that day. :D I had a 'date' with Vanessa. OMG. WE WENT TO HAPPY VEGAN AND IT WAS CLOSED, INSTEAD WE WENT TO AN LAC. HAHAHA. It was so funny. I bought hu tieu and like, i ate like 3/4 of it. I was pretty full so i just sat there staring at my food... THEN I FOUND A HAIR. VANESSA WAS LIKE EWWWW, TELL THEM. Okay, usually i don't give a damn about hairs in my food. Yeah, i'm dirty. I just take it out and keep on eating. If there was a bug then there would be a problem cos bugs were alive once.. HAHAHAHA. And yeaaaah, so i told the owner and she was like REALLY? :o She came to our table and took the hair out. She asked me if i wanted her to make me another bowl. WTH. MORE? NO thanks, so i didn't have to pay for it. YAYYYY. :D THIS ONE LADY WITH TATTOOED EYEBROWS LOOKED PISSED WHEN SHE ASKED THE OWNER WHAT WAS GOING ON, SO I RAN FOR MY LIFE. LOL.

I'm not bothered to recount all the other days, haha. I've been staying up late for like the past month, either doing home, an assignment or just nothing. :( EW, I HAVE A HISTORY TEST TOMORROW, YUCK.

I think i've decided on my subjects! I'M ACTUALLY CONSIDERING EXTENSION ENGLISH COS GOTHIC IS SO GOOD!!! I suck at writing stories though, bleh. Stupid Danica. DAMN HER AND HER STUPID EYE BAGS!!!! >:D Yes, well... I'm gonna do 3u maths, either advanced or extension english, history (not sure which one yet), physics, engineering and art. :D OMG. LEGAL STUDIES LOOKS GOOD.. hmmm. Tracey made a very good point toady. Like, why just not take up a 'back up' subject and take time to study hard for everything else? It's not like we can't succeed in engineerng, RIGHT VIVIAN? :D'

Time to do some historyyyyyyy.