I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 24, 2010 // 9:23 PM

I have to hand in the subject selection sheet tomorrow and still haven't decided on whether or not to choose extension english. Bloody hell. I'm studying for a science test tomorrow too. I keep making silly mistakes and I HAVEN'T EVEN DONE THE TEST YET. It makes me wanna slice somebody's vagina in half. Argh. Ahh. I'm not even doing the hard, confusing stuff yet. I'M JUST FREAKING SUBBING STUFF INTO AN EQUATION, BUT THE THING IS I KEEP FORGETTING TO CONVERT KM/H TO M/S. Bloody hell. Suck a man whore's hairy penis. ARGH. Ah, if i fail this test, he'll probably suggest not doing physics next year. But oh no, i've already given in my sheet. HFASKDHFDSAHFASD. So, i must study! Danica told me if you fail, MEANING YOU DON'T GET INTO THE TOP TEN WITH YING, JUDITH AND ALL THE OTHER GENIUSES, you have to write out theory. ARRRRRRRRRRRGH. Might as well do that now, haha. Yeah, my point is I HAVE TO GO STUDY OR I'LL BRING SHAME TO MY FAMILY. Jokinggggg. Haha. I wish i could just dig myself a hole and never come out.