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June 28, 2010 // 6:54 PM
Letter 1

Ew, i wouldn't start a letter with dear to my best friend.. HAHAHA. Let me do it again.


Hahaha. Um, yeah. Hi. :) I like turtles.. omg. Snurtles. HAHAHAHAHA. (L) Awww, good times. Snails are so slimey... I'LL ALWAYS BE YOUR SEXY SNAIL. LMAO.

I remember the first time i met you. It was in music, we were put into a group with Lauren. We asked each other what music we liked. I said r&b, you said pop, Lauren said.. i don't remember. She talked too much. HAHAHAHAHA. We weren't really that close in year 7, i was hanging around Yvy at that time. Omg, Yvy took a picture of me with my phone, i could've passed as African! Omg, so embarrassing. Those were the days when we had clear skin... :( So sad. Now we're pimply, old hoes. HAHAHAHAHA.

Then in year 8, for some reason i began to tap you in the shoulder all the time in PE just for fun. LOL. THE TAP TAP GAME!!!! Me and Natalie would play that all the time. Ah, how i miss those days. I used to be so smart but anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy. I WAS IN THE SAME CLASS AS YOU FOR AROUND THE WORLD IN 30 DAYS? Was that it? Omg, that was such a crappy subject. IT BROUGHT US TOGETHER THOUGH. I keep saying remember.. HAHAHA. WHO CARES. LOL.

I remember when you influenced me to like metal. You were freaking insane. LOL. We used to be so bad ass and crap. HAHAHAHA. That song.. omg... that song where that guy was full screaming and he sounded like a dying dog. That was the worst song in the world. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I downloaded so many songs and you stole them all and gave them to Daniel. You suck. :,( All my hard work.. LOL.

We got so close then i had to leave. We've gotten even closer because of our frequent phone calls and text messages. Our friendship just blossomed when you went on Virgin. Nah, but we did talk everyday, even if we didn't go to the same school. THAT'S PRETTY COOL YOU KNOW! :D Omg, your mum used to think i was a lesbian slut. That was a very sad time. :,( I sdtill remember that text message you sent me and you were like 'my mum thinks you're a lesbian slut cos you're always talking to me and talking about hot boys'. :( So sad. LOL. Oh, it's not my fault your mum can read text messages... HAHAHAHAHA. You should've been on virgin so i didn't have to text your mum's phone. LOL.

Sometimes you make me sad because you read so many books and you can talk all smart.. i wish i could do that. :( I still haven't read the Da Vinci Code like you suggested. I read a book about rape instead. LOL. I told you i made a book list and that the library didn't have the books i wanted. You told me they didn't supply books for the mentally disturbed. HAHAHA, thanks.. LMAO. I wish i were smart like you. You always say that you and your nose are fat, well.. it's kinda on and off but anyway, and that you're ugly. But you're not. You're prettier than me like 2841743987422894728 times. :D

HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO. LETS MAKE OUT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :9 :9 :9 :9 Is that what you say when you wanna get sommmmmmmmmmme?! ROFL.

HEY! REMEMBER LAST YEAR, WHEN WE HAD THAT TEST. ESSA? WAS IT? AND THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT AGATHA CHRISTIE? HAHAHAHA. Then you started calling me Agatha.. i tried to give you a nickname but it failed. LOL. Agatha wasn't in my phone dictionary but chatia popped up instead so i called you CHATIA. HAHAHA... what the hell is chatia!? Reminds me of libia... LMAO.

You always tell me you're taking a dump, which is kinda weird but i've kinda gotten used to it now. WE'RE POO BUDDIES. ;D LMAO... You're so weird and nice but you work a KFC!!!!! LOL. Shame on you! >:( Go get me some coleslaw. ;D

I remember when you liked Koreans. You liked IMAGINARY KOREANS!! They were more unreal than the Koreans i like now. HAHAHAHAHA.

I still haven't done anything for your birthday. So sad. LOL. We don't even go on proper outings. It always turns out crap if we do normal stuff like shopping. It's much more fun when we're feeding birds potato chips or reading about blow jobs at Ingleburn library. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. WE NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE IN THE HOLIDAYS! Come cabra! We can go eat and go to the library. You can find me some books to read. OMG!!!!!! WE CAN PLAY THE YOU SUCK GAME!!! REMEMBER!!!!!!! WHERE WE SPOT TBS AND LAUGH. Ah, we're such judgmental bitches. LOL.

Ah, i'm so glad that we became friends. :) Please remember that i'll always be there for you even if we haven't texted for 2 days. LOL. I'LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU AND YOU'LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ME. :D Hey, remember when i rejected your i love you? HAHAHA. WELL, I'M UN-REJECTING YOU. I LOVE YOU, MICHELLE ZHANG. :D Ew, i sound like a lesbo. Better even it out. How many times did you poo today... >:) I hope your explosive diarrhoea is better now. I learnt how to spell diarrhoea after i had a week of food poisoning. LOL. there's heaps of ways to spell it but i chose DIARRHOEA cos it has hoe in it. HAHAHA. I'M HILARRRRRRRRRIOUS. Aren't i just the life of the party!? LOL.