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June 29, 2010 // 9:39 PM

Oh, the train was full packed this morning cos the train on the other platform died. Vivian came up with many theories of what could have happened. ROFL. I liked the one where she said the train driver had a heart attack, horrible but funny. LOL. WELL, funny cos Vivian said it. Hahaha. :D Omg, WE FULL SEPARATED AT LIVERPOOL. :( So crowdeddddddd.

LUNCH, ME AND VANESSA WENT TO THE ART ROOM AND MADE BRUISES. I was full prepared for an afternoon of picture taking but then i got sick. I HATE GETTING SICK. BLOODY HELL. But i got to stay home from tutor today which is pretty exciting. ;D Anyways, i had to text Genevieve and i felt bad. :( I just realised i haven't showered. Eww, dirty vagina. :(

OMG!!! Supposedly, I have the same idea as somebody else... uh oh. WELL. My idea was... OMG!!! DANICA SENT ME THIS FML AND IT WAS REALLY GOOD. Something about a girl waking up from a drunken one night stand. She hooked up with some psycho vampire or something. Maybe i should do that. OMG!!! I'LL GIVE GENEVIEVE REALLY EFFED UP LOOKING WOUNDS THEN. HAHAHAHAHA. ;D Hmm, lets see. I'll put Genevieve in the bushes and she can be trying to pull up her stockings AND underwear, revealing her creepy ass wounds to the world. ;D Heeeeeeey, Vivian's staying after school tomorrow. Yay. LOL. :D

Hey Genevieve, keep that underwear in your bag cos you'll be needing it. ;) I hope i'm not sick tomorrow cos i just wanna get the pictures over and done with. Oh, sorry for being too black. :(