I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 20, 2010 // 9:48 AM

Omg, i'm capped so... i can't upload any pretty pictures from tumblr. I'm so sorry if i bore you with pictures of sexy people. HAHAHAHA. :$ :D I don't save pretty pictures, just pictures of pretty people. I'm sorry. :( How about i upload a picture of a white person, haven't done that in a while. LOL. I WATCHED DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? YESTERDAY. OH. MY. GOD. How hot is Ashton Kutcher.. omg... so hot. LOL. WHITE PEOPLE'S NOSE ARE BEAUTIFUL. :,( :,( My nose is so fat and ugly, along with the rest of my face. So sad.

Yessssssss, I'm almost done with the Unseen Companion! Omg, it's getting boring cos Dove Alexie is gone. The sexy criminal is goneeeeeeeeeee. :( LOL. Yeah, i have like a 100 pages left or something so i think i'll be done by tonight. Yayyyyy. :D

I asked my mum and dad about Grace's yesterday. They said yessss, they always let me go. Hehe. I think in the morning while laying in bed, i swear i heard my parents talking about it. Then my dad was like HOW MANY FRIENDS DOES SHE HAVE?! HAHAHAHA, i don't have that many, not many at all. :( Oh no, i can't buy ice cream cos i have tutor for an hour and a half. IT'LL MELT. :,( I'll buy some other things instead. Muahaha. :D

Hey, Jay's back in Korea. HAHAHA. Those sluts told him to piss off and now they want him back, dumb whores. Hmph. Awww, his voice is so pretty. >:D

Holy mother of pearl.. mm.. awww, it's blurry. :(

LISTEN TO IT. I LIKE THIS SONG. :) So calming and nice, ah. So good. :D