I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 17, 2010 // 7:06 PM

That's attractive, LOL.

Yayyyyyyy, no assignments. Well, for today. I'M DOING MY MATHS HOMEWORK. MUAHAHAHAHA. >:D I can't wait for Ms Cavanagh to come back. :,( Hmmm, OH YEAH. THE HISTORY TEST I STUDIED FOR. I full studied and know most of the dates and events, right? BUT THEN, I WASN'T REALLY LISTENING AND THOUGHT MR PURVES TOLD US THE QUESTION. SO I WAS LIKE, OKAY. WRITEWRITEWRITE. I didn't even read the question that was actually on the page cos we had 12 minutes to write a page and a half! OMG. T.T"""" The question was to talk about the changes in policies and the effects on the Aborigines? What the heck?! I kinda talked about that actually... HOPEFULLY I'LL DO FINE. I DIDN'T EVEN FREAKING FINISHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. NOT HAPPY. I don't get to show off all the knowledge that i.. POSSESS. HAHAHA.

Omg, i'm so bad at sport. I think one thing to add to my list of things to do before i die is find a sport i'm actually good at. :,(

I OWE DANICA MONEY. :( So, so sad. I'm sad when i owe people money. HAHAHA. :(