I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 25, 2010 // 10:06 PM

Vivian: Omg! I do remember! HAHAHAHAHA, WE SHOULD DO SOME MORE ORIGAMI STUFF IN THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!! :D You're so much better than me at it. :( So sad. LOL. Awww, i'm glad you still have it. WHERE IS MY LETTER? LOL. I think i might have time to write you a letter this week! ;)

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I DID THE TEST FOR PEAAAAAK. I full studied after school.. :) I hope it pays off... I WANNA DO WELL!!!! Need to give a good first impression, y'know! OMG. THE TEACHER KNOWS MY NAME NOW!!! AHAHAHA. He borrowed my pacer. :$ LMAO.

I chose my subjects today.. but then.. i don't know. I chose offline maths and advanced english. Offline maths means i'd have to come to school at about 7:30am a few times a week? Ah maaaaaaaaaan. :( Yeah, sucks eh!!!! But... well, it's better than doing a one unit subject! Waste of my time.. as fun as it sounds. LOL. Hm, so this is what i put down. Offline math, advanced english, physics, modern history, art and economics. My mum's always bugging me with all this stuff about money and i don't know what the hell's going on! Then she'd alwaaaaaaaaaaays ask DON'T TEACH YOU IN SCHOOL?!!?!?! I said no! Now.. YEAH. Hahaha.

Omg, i have to do art this weekend but i don't have an slr. I don't wanna come to Grace's house and take such an intimate photo. I have this cool picture in my head and i don't know how it'll turn out! I must plannnn. Yeaaaaaaaaah. I think i mentioned before that i was doing rape. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yaaaaaaaaah. :)

We all got our reports today. Everyone seemed pretty happy. Oh, i got 4 A's. Oh? You did? Welllll, i got 6! Oh?! REALLY NOW? I HAVE 7. Far out, piss off. I got none. Go suck a dickkkkk. :( It made me sad so i went home and cried. :,( Okay, it was only a part of the reason why i was crying.. BUT STILL. I hate not being as good as everyone else.