I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 3, 2010 // 9:44 PM

Ah, today was so tiring. I went to DFO, then Roselands... (what the hell?) and Bankstown! OMG. Guess what? It's true, if you look rich, people treat you more nicely. LOL. Well, that is when you go shopping. Those darn sales staff always never help me cos i'm a kid. :( But the girl did today! ;D Woman, girl.. whatever. SHE HAD A DOUBLE HELIX. I told my mum it was pretty then she told her. Don't do that! That's embarrassing. :$ Yes.. hehe. So it seems my mum lets me get one.. or two. HAHAHA. MMMMM.

OH YEAH. I have to go to a wedding in September so i bought a dress today? Omg, i'm so flat. I don't fill the cups. The cups aren't even removable. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My mum told me to get a boob job. I asked for a nose job and she said my nose is nice. Then i started yelling. LOL. THEN SHE YELLED BACK AND SAID HOW HIGH MY NOSE IS. PSH, IT'S FAT AND UGLY. SHE SEEMS TO THINK THE BALL ON MY NOSE IT CUTE. I'M NO KOALA! :( Damn Koreans... why do they allllllllll have straight noses... ah, maybe it's just the beautiful ones. D: I wish i were beautiful, that'd be so cool. LOL. Hey, that reminds me...

AHAHAHA, i would check myself out all the time if i were hot like Dongwoon. No wonder why Danica's always staring in the mirror, that whore. LOL. I have to go to her house on Monday at 11 to do the speech. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. D: Okay, on that day, i will finish half of it! Bloody hell, i suck a speeches. I have to do a speech tomorrow. Aaron rewords crap, just sayinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn'. D:

I'll post the stuff i bought today.. tomorrow. Yeah! Hahahaha. Ew, i have to make up a story. Yucky. I wanted to write about this kid meeting another kid with no shadow. I have no idea where that story would go though, haha.

I need to tutor Michelle tomorrow. JAMES HUANG IS WRONG. You have to study everything. Michelle believes him over me cos he's smarter. Damn it. She'll be thanking me for tutoring her! HMPH. LOL. I hope i didn't fail that test. Danica said she took ages to do it and i full finished early... D: Errr, so i'm a bit worried now cos Danica's smart. :( They say you'll do fine if you study.. WHAT IF STUDYING DOESN'T WORK?! Well, i studied for two days... Kenny studied for a week.. Ah damn. I'M GONNA FAIL!!! OMG. HAHAHAHAHA. Every time i think of Kenny, I think about Taeyang. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Taeyang's you're my is so lame. You're my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate? What the hell? That's so lame. LOL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Lame and corny. Please don't eat me.

Omg, my mum has a low self esteem. :( I told her all my friends think she's heaps prettier than me and she said no way! Every time i look in the mirror, it makes me wanna cry. She looked serious. D: Awwwww. :,( What do i doooooooooooo?! D:

I need new songs. Normal people songs. I'm sick of listening to Koreans cos i have no idea what the hell they're singing about.. it's the same with metal but i can at least make out some of it. LOL. Ah.

I don't want to do the letter thing today. I can't be bothered. I'll write two tomorrow, haha.

My hands are cold! I'm gonna look at shoes! Bye nowww! :D