I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 22, 2010 // 7:40 PM

Hiyaaaaaaaaaa'll. HAHAHA. YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! My birthday is soon!!!!!!!!!! But Jacqueline's is sooner. GUY, I THINK THE CHEAP ASSES SHOULD UNITE AND BUY HER SOMETHING. HAHAHAHAHAHA. :D OMG. Vanessa said i'm having a bonfire. WELL, i wish i could have one. Someone plan it for me, i can't be bothered. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I SHOULD HAVE A POCAHONTAS THEME!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I remember when i had a dream i was Pocahontas... HAHAHA. I was standing on the cliff and i had super long hair.. yeah.. LOL.

HEY!!!!! WHEN I'M 16, I CAN DRIVE. Imagine me driving my dad's sexy TOYOTA CAMERY. Haters be hatin'. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It'll be so funny. ROFL.

Omg, i think i failed my speech today. I DIDN'T GET TO PRESENT MY EPIC AND INSPIRATIONAL ENDING!!! SO SAD. It's so sad how they all tarted clapping and wouldn't let me finish. HAHAHAHA. :( My mouth was dry again. HAHAHA. I thought by going first, I wouldn't be so sad about everyone's speeches and ruin my presentation. I still ruined my presentation and i was still sad. Everyone's so smart. :,( Oh yeah, if i was a parent, I'd totally want my kid to study The Unseen Companion. Everyone makes it sound so good.. when in reality, it's boring and has a very crappy ending. LOL

Andy owes me $2. I'm so kind to lend money to strangers.. I BETTER SEE THAT $2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or i'll cry. $2 may be nothing to you but it means the world to me, Vivian. can relate. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :D

GUESS WHAT?! I studied some stuff about genetics cos i do not get anything, AT ALL. Like, seriously. How can you imagine it in your head? No. Idea. At. All. Hmm. OKAY. SO, LET ME REMEMBER... HAHAHAHAHA. This is gonna be boring but.. I WANNA REVISE! :D NAH, I CAN'T BE BOTHERED NOW. HAHAHA. GUESS WHAT? our next topic is motion. PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I actually get it already, i should've started PEAK earlier. :(

YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! JIMMY'S OUT!!! WOOOOO! I feel kinda sorry for him cos everyone hated him but who cares! It's all because of him and his curry making ways. HAHAHAHA. That reminds me, I LOVE HOW TO BE INDIE. IT'S SO FUNNY. HAHAHA. She has the most beautiful eye... and lashes! THEY'RE SO LONG. SERIOUSLY. Like, twice as long a Tracey's. So beautiful. I WISH I HAD EYES. :(

HEY! TRACEY BLOGGED. HAHAHA. WOW. Heyyyyyy, I use Shiseido Face and Body sunscreen.. welll.. that's explain my huge pimple. :,( HAHAHA. i tried covering it like an emo, HAHAHA. Damn i'm sexy. HAHAHAHA. What? Tracey's 50kg? WOW. I'M ALMOST 50KG. Like, 49.5kg last time i checked. :D I think i might be heavy bone-ded. HAHAHA.

Ew, i don't like geography. :(


Ok random little fact for you guys. These are mashed potatoes.

Anytime you see an ice cream ad on TV (scooped or being scooped all slow and creamy style) it is 90% of the time colored mashed potatoes because they look like ice cream but won’t melt like it under the off camera lighting.