I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 28, 2010 // 4:19 PM

I still have chocolate cake left on my mouth from lunch. HAHAHAHA. Happy birthday Jacqueline! :) Wow, she's sixteen. I'll be sixteen. It's so weird, we're all growing up. I don't wanna grow up. :,( HEY. SHE CAN HAVE SEX NOW AND DRIVE. Omg. :( Why do they have a certain age for people to have sex? Shouldn't it be older.. IT GIVES US THE CHANCE TO BE HOES. Yaaay... I can't imagine Vivian as an adult.. :,( JUST A THOUGHT TOO SAD TO EVEN THINK ABOUT. :(

Sport was fun! Well, we didn't have sport.. the stuff we did instead of sport was fun! LOL. :D We went into room 21 and sat around doing random things. LOL. LIKE, MR SCRIBBLE!!! I'M SO GOOD AT IT. HAHAHAHAHA. I didn't even end up drawing noodles/spaghetti. :D Instead, i drew weird cow unicorn, a genie and a donkey. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I should post the pictures once i'm uncapped. :D OH YEAH. WE MADE TALKING BIRDS... but i made mine wrong.. so i didn't talk. IT'S CUTE THOUGH! HAHAHAHA. OH YEAH. VIVIAN FARTED. AHAHAHA, IT SOUNDED LIKE A LITTLE MOUSE. ROFLROFLROFLROFL. I don't care if she didn't, IT'S STILL FUNNY JUST IMAGINING. HAHAHA.

Hey! So many things are coming up.. both good and bad. :( :) LOL. Hmm, we have that 'Safe Celebrating' thing tomorrow period 3. I didn't give in my note.. i just found it! I can't be bothered to ask my mum to sign it.. so i wanted to forge it. I started to practice doing her signature.. and, well... I CAN'T DO IT! Margaret's so good. She makes such nice scribbles! :D

Ummm, oh yeah! I'm volunteering on Saturday! I think it'll be fun cos i don't think we'd even have to do much! Yaaay, i'm excited. :) I'm gonna go to Wendy's house afterwards.. :O Hmmm.. How am i even getting there?! LOL. :( HOPEFULLY, GENEVIEVE GOES BY CAR.. THEN SHE CAN COME PICK ME UP. ;D Awww, her mum's so cute and short. LOL. :D

Oh yeaaaah, we also have our ag assignment due next Tuesday. Haven't even started. The math test is on Monday?! Ah, don't worry. I'll study tomorrow. :( THEN! WE HAVE THE SHAKESPEARE THING THEN UNSW. Ah.

Why does everyone have beautiful straight noses?! (This is where you imagining me fake crying) BOOOOHOOOO. :(

HOW GOOD IS MARIAH CAREY! HAHAHAHA. Woooow. LOL. I used to luuuuuuuuuuuurve her. ROFL. We belng together.. and we belong together part II. LOL. So good. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Her boobs are so big. AS BIG AS MY FACE!! THAT REMINDS ME... VIVIAN! I bought you your chips! I hope you like SALT AND VINEGAR. ;D Yummy. I bought two heaven ice creams. It's so crap. IT'S TOO SWEET. :( Ah, so sad. I don't wanna go back and get some more stuff.. cos i can't be bothered and it'll be embarrassing. HAHAHA. :$ :D

Yvy said my blog is funny cos i laugh at nothing... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. There i go again... she also said usually people only blog about their lives... I kinda have no life to blog about. ROFL.