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July 6, 2010 // 9:22 PM

I went Parra today with Margaret, Michelle, Vanessa and Wendy! It was fun. GUESS WHAT? I spent most of my money of food. Yayyyyyy. $7.10. You know what else? I eat a lot now. Like, you don't really notice... but.. YEAH. I EAT SO MUCH. HAHAHAHAHA. :D Probably more than you. LOL.

Yes, as i was saying... I BOUGHT TWEEZERS FOR $2 FROM $5. IT'S SO DAMN CUTE!!!!! AWWWWWW. It's like a little geisha. Hahaha. SO CUTE. :D And, i bought a skirt from Cotton On and it was $2 from $20. OMG!!!!!!!!! BEFORE I TOTALLY FORGET.. this hot guy started talking to Vanessa. He wasn't really hot but he was cute. Awwwwwwwwwww, this calls for some stalking. THERE WAS THIS CUTE GUY IN CITY BEACH AS WELL. I MUST TELL IVY.

HI ANDY, IF YOU'RE READING THIS. I FULL BOLDED THIS JUST FOR YOU. LOL. ANYWAYS, TELL IVY WE MUST GO STALKING AT PARRA. FORGET THE PAST! ALL THE SEXY PEOPLE HAVE SUDDENLY APPEARED FROM THE DARKNESS. WOOOOO. So what i'm trying to say is, we need to go to Parra. I'll bring the camera so that guy can talk to us. HAHAHAHAHAHA. If Parra is a failure, we'll just return to TB TOWN and stalk some old ladies. I miss you! HEY. I HEARD YOU WENT OUT TODAY. YOUR FOBBY LOVER WAS TRYING TO GRAB MY ATTENTION BY SAYING TIT, TIT. OH YEAH. TIT IS GOING TODAY. TIT. HAHAHAHAHA. Awww, he loves you so much he has to end every sentence with your name. :P

Today was funnnnnnnnnnnnn. :D I'm uploading the photos onto my laptop now. My computer is laggy. :( I WANNA READ NOW!!!! READ SOME RAPE AND INCEST BOOKS, COS YOU KNOW? Those books are like the best. But seriously, books are much better when they're crazy. Who the hell wants to read about love anyway? If you want some good lovin', ask Margaret! She'd be happy to help. LOL. :D Okay, i just Googled Lolita and it sounds like something i'd want to read. OKAY. Stuff borrowing from Vanessa, i'll just buy it. Hahaha.

I'M GONNA DO THAT LETTER THING NOW... AND THEN WRITE IN MY JOURNAL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I haven't done the letter thing in like a million years. LOL