I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 20, 2010 // 10:15 PM

SCHOOL WAS FUN!!!!!! I'm kidding. :( I didn't do my speech today. Everyone's reallly good! D: Ah, mine is so crappy and long. -sigh- I'm not even persuasive.. I'M BORING! JUST WHAT PARENTS LIKE. AHAHAHA. KNOCK, KNOCK. WHO'S THERE? LORRAINE! LORRAINE WHO? LORRAINE HOBBS. I'M HILAAAAAAAAARIOUS.

WOWOWOWOWOW. So, i took the most awesomest nap after school today and totally did not do my tutor homework! WOOOO!!! :D I have a test tomorrow, i'm gonna study for it... even if it's just statistics. LOL.

OMG. THAT REMINDS ME. I wish i could go to the coffee/chocolate festival with Graciiepoo and Vivian (ROX!). :( It would've been so funnnnnn. SIIIIIIIIIIGH.

I'M HUNGRY. I'M GONNA GO GET SOME CHIPSSSSSSS. OKAY. I just went and got ome SAMBOY!!!!! HAHAHAHA. OMG. My mum bought trail mix bars... that remind me of the saddle club. OMG. You know what? HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT IN THE SLEEPOVER CLUB THEY ALWAYS HAVE ONE... ONE... ERRR.. NON-CAUCASIAN PERSON? IS IT TO SHOW THEY'RE NOT RACIST OR SOMETHING?! HAHAHAHA. Just sayingggggg. :D SO. FIRST THERE WA THE ASIAN GIRL, NOT IT'S THAT BLACK GIRL. HAHAHAHA. Yeah, i don't like the new one much. :(