I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 31, 2010 // 10:47 PM

Today has been a busy day! I went Macarthur this morning.. SO I DIDN'T GET TO WASH MY HAIR. THAT'S WHY MY HAIR LOOKED DISGUSTING AT THE PARTY. HAHAHA. My aunt bought me shoes as an early birthday present. They're soooooo cute. :O :)

Jacqueline's surprise party was really fun. She was very thankful for the people who came.. NOT VIVIAN!! :( YVY EATS QUAIL SO SEDUCTIVELY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Awww, she should've made a move on the hot waiter. HAHAHAHAHA. WE GOT COMPLEMENTARY DRINKS. WOOHOOO. Some old men called me sexy. DUMB BITCHES!!!! I bet they don't have wives. I didn't get kicked out for bringing in a drink from outside.. as in, like, I bought it somewhere else. HAHAHA. BUT I WAS LET OFF. ;D I was also able to exchange the dress for my mum. Woo! Today was really fun. Everyone looked beautiful. :) I'm gonna post pictures on Facebook tomorrow morning. :)

HOPE YOU HAD FUN JACQUELINE! I hope my party's just as fun, even if my parents are there. HAHAHA.