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July 9, 2010 // 9:48 AM


Emarosa are just beautiful. :,)

Ah, so today's Friday. That means i have science tutor. I'm going to get my test results today... i'm scared. I only studied for like a two days.. THAT'S NOT ENOUGH. D: People studied for a whole week. WELL... I hope everything is going to be okay. :(

You know what? My posts have been really boring and crap lately, sorry. LOL. So, i decided that i will finish half my story, make up all the topic sentences for my speech and finish writing the essay which was supposed to be complete a week ago. :D

Oh my gosh. I wanna go Soundwave again next year. Hahaha. We should gather more people this time. It wuld be fun. I'd bring my camera this time around as well, and sunglasses so the stupid man doesn't shoot water into my eye. Poor, little eye. :,( Some man poured his drink in my mouth... it tasted nice... HAHAHAHAHA. I'm still alive. :D Getting home at 1 was fun. Everyone got home at like 11... lol. Yeaaaaaaaaah, i wanna go again. :D

EMAROSA ARE SO GOOD!!!!! Damn it.. i can't find their album. Now i have to download it off Youtube. How annoying. D: OMG!!! SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

I think i'm going Livo tomorrow. Shoeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss. Maybe i should take my mum to Parra instead. Hmm, that would be better, eh?

This is just amazing. It's not a photo. It's a painting. Ah, people are so talented.

I'm gonna TRY and do my work now. :) Have fun with whatever you're doing! :D