I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 25, 2010 // 4:24 PM

Yaaaaay! I'm gonna do something for my birthday. :D I haven't told everyone about it yet.. BUT YEAH. Also, i think Cheap Mondays are on sale at Loose Threads. I MIGHT GET STONEWASHED ONES IF THEY HAVE IT, COS... CHEAP MONDAYS ARE NEVER, EVER ON SALE. Unless they're ugly. HAHAHA. SO YEAH!!! 20% off is really good. :)

Anyways, MY BIRTHDAY! WOOOO! I wanna go to the park that day... maybe some of us should meet up early and feed some birds at the park. Too bad Michelle won't be there... feeding birds was our thaaang. YEAH. I SAID THANG. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

OH DAMN!!! EVEN MY COUSIN FROM VIETNAM SWEARS... ACTUALLY SWEARS IN ENGLISH. WHY I NEVER!!!!!!! What is this?!!?! HAHAHA. My FOBBY cousin is hotter than me.. NOW SHE'S MORE GANGSTER. I'LL SHOW HER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My mum said i could get some tips cos she used to be ugly.. too. HAHAHAHA. YEAH. SHE SAID TOO. :( HAHAHAHA.