I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 15, 2010 // 11:38 AM

Yeah, I'm bored. LOL

So, guess what? FOR MY SPEECH, I HAVE 291 WORDS. WOOHOO! I'm ALMOST halfway there. HAHAHAHAHA. OKAY. So i'm aiming to finish to do most of it today, haha. See how much progress i've made? LOL. EXCITING. HAHAHAHA. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I haven't even started ag yet, though, hopefully Danica comes over on Monday! Bloody heck. LOL. Oh, i forgot to study for science. HAHAHA. And revise on history, i've forgotten everything. LOL. I just can't be bothered, okay?! 4 days and a bit left of freedom. HOLIDAYS ARE SO BORING BUT SCHOOL IS JUST HORRIBLE. :(

I wanna go thrifting with Margaret tomorrow. I don't even know why, i just feel like it. She's at DFO right now, that hoe. :( Okay, if she says yes to going tomorrow, I'll full be motivated to do my work. HAHAHAHA. Yes, all the pressure's on her. :D

I haven't even used the school's camera much either. HAHAHA. It's not that exciting anymore. :\ I haven't even made my shrine yet, i think it'd look ugly anyway. LOL.

WOW, HOW COOL ARE CURLING IRONS? MAN, THEY'RE SO COOL!!!! They make your hair curly, wow. I'm so amazed by those things.. LOL.