I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 27, 2010 // 10:51 PM
Day 01 – Introduce yourself

As you already know, I'm Christie. Omg, i look freaking black there. HAHAHA. Trying full pose and crap but the picture still turns out ugly. Bloody oath, whatever. HAHAHA. Anyway, MY MUM CHOSE NAME FROM A HAT. Not really, she got Christine at first but then changed it to Christie cos she didn't like it. She always said that i was an accident and that one day, when she was taking a dump, a baby came out. I was smart enough not to believe her.. HAHAHAHAHA. :D

People think i'm cheap and super skinny, which is half true. For one, it's not that i'm cheap. I'm only cheap about certain things and go all out on other stuff. If you know what i mean? LOL. Wow, sounds like a do drugs or something... WHICH I DON'T, OF COURSE. :D I like eating. MUAHAHAHAHA. I don't eat meat, just seafood cos i'm a biased bitch that hates every creature from the sea. HAHAHAHA. Kidding. :( I gave up eating chicken 2 years ago, i think? Cos i watched like a teeeeeeeny bit of that Jamie Oliver thing. But that tiny portion of the show i watched changed my life forever, honestly. :( So sad. Yeah, i miss chicken sometimes. Omg, i remember the time where i had a dream about eating chicken then crying. That happens when i fully crave meat, which is bad cos i shouldn't. HAHAHAHAHA.

Omg. I fully used to like metal. Not really. I was a music n00b. I still am. LOL. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M LISTENING TO NOW? Mariah Carey. AHAHAHA. Forget about ussssssss, don't baby don'ttttttt. HAHAHAHA. Okay, so in year 7 i liked RNB. Ivy and Andy had a phase where they liked Korean music. SO I DID TOO. OMG. I USED TO LOOOOOOOOOVE TELL ME BY THE WONDER GIRLS. I realise now that it's a horrible song. LOL. I became friends with Michelle then started liking rock, which was in 2008. Then i began to like metal.. it continued on pretty strongly till the middle of 2009. Oh, Yvy introduced me to 2pm and fell in love with Nichkhun, THEN IN LOVE WITH JAY PARK. HOT DIGGITY DAMMMMMN. Their music sucks. HAHAHAHA. Then b2st.. i used to like Dongwoon but then moved onto AJ. (H) What do i like now? I kinda like everything. I don't care anymore. I'm not as narrow minded as i used to be.

Uh, what else? Wow, i talk about myself so much. HAHAHA. OH YES. I go to HAHS but i used to go MFHS. I remember when i found out i made into HAHS. I cried so much but now i realise if i didn't come to Hurlstone, i wouldn't be with the great friends i have now. :) I haven't forgotten about the Mac Fielders either. I love you all. :)

OH YEAH. I'M LAZY AND I LOVE DIMETAPP. I seem really stupid but it's cos i'm too lazy to learn anything. T_T" :D I'm weird too, so.. yuh. That's about it. :) I love my parents very much, but i don't really show it. I get really bad PMS and sometimes i get really depressed for no reason. Yup, that's about it. LOL.