I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 27, 2010 // 6:05 PM

Hahaha, bitch got owned. LMAO.

There's no stopping you and me. I'll be lovin' you long tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmme. LOL, jk. I hate you. (A)

HOW GOOD WAS TALENT QUEST TODAY? Wow. Everyone was soooooo goooood. :D Margaret has really long legs... so jealous. Hot bitch. :( WHY DOESN'T ANYONE LOVE HER!!!!!!!! BITCH, YOU DON'T KNOW A BEAUTIFUL GIRL WHEN YOU SEE ONE?!?! WHYYYYYYYYY?!?! :( Anyways, YEAH. I think Alvin, Margaret and Wendy were reallllly good. :D SO.. ENGAGING. HAHAHA. Oh, i liked the guy's that danced. THEY WERE SO FUNNY.. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. HELLO ALADIN. WOOHOOOO, GRACE. LMAO. How cute was Nathan.. awwwww. SOMEONE SING A SONG TO ME. Bloody hoes. HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, i'm not very good at recounting. I usually AHAHA too much. So yeah.

OMG. Wait, i forgot. LOL. I REMEMBER NOW... UHH.. OH YEAH. Katherine and I were supposed to go up after the single ladies act and scream IF YOU LIKE IT, PUT A RING ON IT. But yeah, we didn't do it cos i didn't want to. (A)

According to Danica, i'm embarrassing? Excuse me? LOL. Just because i put my cardigan on my head and pretend it's invisible cloak, thatdoes not make me embarrassing. Just because i'm not to sit on the ground in Cabramatta, that does not make me embarrassing. SO SUCK MY BALLS, BITCH.

Hey! It's country fair tomorrow... i have to get to school by 8... SIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH. Oh! Maybe i should go to Livo AGAIN tomorrow.. haha. (A) I'm deciding on whether or not to buy the same boots as Lisa (my sick kient G) or the black ones. Lisa's ones are cool cos they remind me of builders. HAHAHAHAHA. Hmm.. but then i could only wear it with shorts.. i don't have any shorts. SIGH. Bloody oath. HAHAHAHA. Maybe i should just get the blacks ones for $30. BUT THEN, maybe i shouldn't get them at all cos everyooooooooooonnnnne has them and i'll just look more like everyone else. :\ BUT THE BOOTS ARE SO CHEAPPPPP. :o

I want those high waisted shorts. :O $80?! What. The. Hell. That's how much i get my jeans for. SUCH A RIP OFF. LOL.

I really want thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis. :O It's on sale for $30. SIGH. I wannnnnt iiiiiiiit. :(

Mitchell's party tomorrow! :D I'm excited. Hahaha. My Thuan gave me food poisoning, those assholes! :( I should complain with Wendy tomorrow, haha. I WANT TO GO SHOPPING TOMORROW. !@$#%#$#%^