I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 3, 2010 // 10:58 PM
(insert song title here)

I'm eating YOGO, the one with mini m&m's. So disgusting. Look at all this artificial colouring. LOL. :(

Hmmm, so.. OMG! Oh.. i lost it. HAHAHA. I still have ag to do. I've decided to do.. MINIMUM/ZERO TILLAGE! WOOOHOOOO! :)

Okay, so i left my Yogo all alone for an hour now.. it's all... thin and just ew. Only if i could take a picture.. HAHAHA. I can, but i can't be bothered. :$ A bag for $40.. why is everything so expensive?! THINK ABOUT THE KIDS IN AFRICA, BITCHES!!! :( We're all horrible, we don't care about anyone else but ourselves. No wonder why the world's gonna end, we all deserve it. :(

My mum has her periods so she full raged at me today. Crazy woman. I can't be bothered with getting the helix anymore. So expensive. SO, SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!! :(

You know what? I actually like going to tutoring now. HAHAHA. Today i had maths tutoring. 8) Anne and I are like, tutor buddies. HAHAHAHAHA. We go peak for english, science and math. TRIPLE THREAT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'M STILL STUPID THOUGH, i have books to read and i've only read one line of ONE book. I know, i'm lazy. I'm surprised i'm not fat cos i don't get any exercise at all, i sit around at home either watching tv or on the computer AND i loooove to eat. HAHAHA. I can imagine myself in 10 years. I'll be a crazy cat lady. Haha, kidding. I don't like cats that much. I'll be a dog lady.. HAHAHA. Nah, i don't like pets cos i'd probably end up killing them. :( I'll just be fat. HAHAHAHAHA. :D

Why is sportsgirl so expensive!? It's not even that great, whateverrrrr Trevor. HAHAHA. Where did i hear that from.. I don't remember. It's just funny. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I always buy stuff on sale, so Sportsgirl is, like, totally uselesssssssssss. HAHAHA. Oh, i've never bought anything from General Pants, EVER. I always dream of it, but never do. Like Sportsgirl, General Pants is as expensive too. Unless you get one of those deals.. Like 2 for $40 or something. Haha. I'M GONNA GO TO THE SITE NOW!!!!

Why are guys shirts so much better than girl ones? Girls ones are so lame. LOL

HAHAHA, this reminded me of Grace. Only dopes do dope, Grace. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

HAHAHA, this reminds me of Margaret. Describes her in only three words. ROFLROFL.

Self-explanatory: a screaming hand. LOL. How more awesome can it get! LOL.


One week from now, i'll be 16. I hate birthdays. I don't want to grow up.. :( Oh yeah! EVERYBODY, BE FREE NEXT SATURDAY? Okay?! :) Don't ditch me for rice. Save up $23, yeah!? :D


Okay, Yvy, if you're reading this.. i want a hat!! LOL. :D The one with the big rim.. i don't know how to explain it. HAHAHAHAHA. :$ Yah. Liiiiiike, err.. LIKE THIS. I don't look good in normal fedora hats. :( OMG!! GANGDURRRH HATS. HAHAHAHA. I want one like Mychonny's. :$

My back is hurting, hope you had fun reading! BYE! ;)