I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 25, 2010 // 7:00 PM

Shopping with Kokkinis today was a complete failure! The only thing we got out of it was $1 chips. HAHAHAHAHA. Wow, she tried on the shorts... damn her ass is big. It's not like fat ass big, but like.. perky big. HAHAHAHAHAHA... SO FUNNNY... HAHAHAHA. Sorry. :$

I saw boots at Spend less shoes for $30. THEY LOOK LIKE THE ONES AT SHOE BOX. There was no time to look at them though so.. OMG. BUT THEY WERE NICE. :( They're not as ugly as the ones in the picture though, hahaha. There were these shorts at Ally as well for $20. SO CHEAP YET SO NICE. I should've brought money... :( Should've, would've, could've... didn't. SIGH.

You know what? I'm a spoilt brat. :( Yes, i admit it. I'm spoilt. :( I was going through my wardrobe today and holy crap. I have so much stuff. JEANS ESPECIALLY. WTH. LOL. Yeah.. i should stop buying stuff... :( ALL I WANT IS THOSE SHORTS AT ALLY AND THE BOOTS.. THEN I'LL BE DONE!!! SIGH. Whatever. I should finish my essay that was due 6744754893573845 years ago now...