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August 10, 2010 // 4:49 PM

So, it's my birthday today and it rained. I hate this weather, it's so damn depressing. :( I WANTED TO JUMP OFF A CLIFF AND DIE THIS MORNING. But, it's all cool. Today has been a good day. :)

Thank you for those who said happy birthday to me. THANK YOU TO THE GROUP FOR THE LITTLE PARTY. :') I really was surprised.. haha. :) Lisa Chao's cake was nice! MMM. :9

Awww, Vivian made me a little friendship bracelet. I like it, it's cute. :) SHE ALSO MADE THIS.. THING.. HAHAHA. I have no idea but i'm supposed to hang it up on my wall.. or use as coasters. LOL. AWW, THANK YOU SO MUCH VIVIAN! - LOVE CHRISTIE. MUAHAHAHA!

We watched this performance about Macbeth and Othello. It was pretty good, haha. :) They were so dirty.. kissing in front of a group of children. HAHAHA.

Mr Peck walked out on our class today.. it's so weird, cos we're always so noisy? Maybe he had enough or something. :| Ah, we all have to face him tomorrow at roll call tomorrow. D: He explains displacement funny. OH YEAH, I WAS RIGHT. THE VIDEO WAS TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. HAHAHA. THIS IS WHY I DON'T LEARN ANYTHING. LOL. It was fun to watch though, just jaw dropppppppping. :0

Thanks again, everybody! :)