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August 21, 2010 // 2:40 PM

Sorry, i don't have any pretty pictures on here. LOL.

Vivian came over just now. We went thrifting and it was a big failure. I never want to go again, LOL. T.T" Maybe i should just stick to shopping normally... it's so much easier. HAHAHA. I wanted to make shorts... maybe i should ask Margaret if she has anymore unwanted jeans, haha. I planned to make Vivian shorts too but... FAILURE! Couldn't find any good jeans.. but i have something else planned instead! MUAHAHAHA. :D

I'm working on Michelle's present right now... HAHAHA. I think she'll like it. :) Yaaaaaaaay. :D I have heaps of homework to do but i'm suffering from a strong case of CBF. :( BUT WHO CARES! THIS IS SO PEACEFUUUL. :D Hmm.. what else should i get her? Hm..

Hey! It was closed weekend yesterday! Omg. The Dominoes at Cabra is sooooooo good. Who gives a damn if it's a bit oily, IT'S SO GOOOOD. YUUUUUUUUUUUMMMM. :) The cardigan i bought is so warmmmmmmmmm. Yeaaaaaaaaah.

Oh my gosh. Did i mention my e-mail got hacked so i couldn't go onto blogger? Haha, i got my account back on Thursday but i didn't have anything interesting to blog about. HAHAHAHAHA.

OH MY GOSH! I WANT THAT $6 DIARY FROM MORNING GLORY. HAHAHAHA. It full has a lock and everything! I probably would give up writing in it after a week.. but still... HAHAHAHA. Diaries are like to do lists, for me, cos i never end up using them... Sigh.

I SHOULD BE DOING THE 40-HOUR FAMINE RIGHT NOW BUT I NEVER GOT MY BOOKLET. Gosh. SIGH. Poor children in Africa. :'( I wouldn't have lasted anyway.. i would've died. D: Or fainted.. yeah, i probably would faint if i didn't eat for nearly 2 days. Haha. I REMEMBER IN PRIMARY, I DIDN'T EAT MY LUNCH ONCE AND WHILE ON THE CAR RIDE HOME, i felt so dizzzzzzzy. Yeah! THAT WAS ONLY 6 HOURS TOO!!!!! Ah. I love food.. mm...