I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 24, 2010 // 10:17 PM
teulstar, you so funny.

Me: I know. Omg. I hoed last week. 8)
Teuly: Hahaha. You used me last week. Ahahahaha.

The next two weeks are gonna be so busy. I don't deserve a banana tomorrow. :( Okay, so planned to do my math homework, workout (HAHAHAHA, hoping it'll improve on my.. lack of tennis skills) and the questions for geography. Hmm... maybe i should do that during school. I found i didn't have any math homework and i'm lifting weights now. NOT THE HUGE ONES. Just the baby ones. HAHAHAHA. Yeah, not doing geo cos i can't be bothered. :(

Omg. Tutor homework was so... complicated. All the Truong people are like, meh! AND HERE I AM.. STRUGGLING... HAHAHAHAHA. :(

You know what? Do you ever make to do lists and never get anything ticked off? HAHAHAHA. :( I just really like making lists but i never use them so it's just a waste of paper, hahaha.

Okay, so i was really cut from tennis last week. When i got home, i full Googled how to improve your tennis. :( I don't think i'm gonna change in any way... HAHAHAHAHA.

Is it normal to be so hungry so late at night? :( :( I'm gonna sleep now! BYE! :)