I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 4, 2010 // 4:23 PM

WOW!!! AMAZINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG. But if i put my pin in wrong, the robber would've knocked me out or something already. Hahaha. :,( HAHAHA, THAT REMINDS ME. If you had to choose who you would beat up, would it be me or Grace? It'd be me, wouldn't it? LOL. JUST COS I'M WEAK!! HAHAHA. DON'T WORRY, i'll be protected tomorrow by my OVER DUE DEODORANT... HAHAHA.

Okay, i just googled the reverse pin thing and it's a hoax so robber's can take your money. AHAHA. WOW, SO SMART!!!! LOL! If you put in the pin in reverse and it doesn't work, you'll probably try again. THE WHOLE TIIIIIIIME THE ROBBER WILL BE WATCHING YOU... THEN! You'll probably get punched in the face and robbed of your moneysssss. Wow, so smart!! DON'T DO IT, EVERYBODY. LOL

Yaaaaaay. I'm excited for my party next week! It seems like almost everybody is coming! Yay. Oh yeah, i'll make invites tonight.. :) BUT, that has to be after i finish my ag assignment and make notes for history. Yucky. Why the hell am i doing modern history next year? I'm so stoopid. :( Anywayyyy! Yeah, i'll PROBABLY have invites by tomorrow. :)

I live near this huuuuge Vinnies and i've never been. The one opposite to the temple. COOL, EH? It looks really big from outside and i'm gonna go check it out with Margaret on Sunday after tutor. :) HAHAHA, she shared hash browns with me today. How very sweet of her. HEHE. :$ LOL. She loves silk blouses and is getting 3 today.. AHAHAHA. Crazy.