I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 6, 2010 // 6:18 PM

Yay, i bought the hat i wanted today. $10 from $40! I'm so glad i waited for it to go on sale.. HAHAHAHA. :D I bought Kitty's present too and i've realised that i'm the biggest cheap ass in the world. :( I'M A HORRIBLE FRIEND!!!!!! I better make her a good card then, since she's now 16 and all. LOL. :D Oh! I saw the wedges i wanted at Rubi and they look so dodgy. HAHAHAHA. NONONOOOOO. LMAO. OMG!!!!! Maybe.. i should ask my dad to take me to Livo tomorrow and.. CHECK OUT THESE WEDGES I WANT!!! Okay, they're originally $140 but they're now $67! Hopefully they have my size. They're like boots... but a wedge. YEAH!! I THINK THEY'RE CUTE. :$ :D

Aiyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaargh, tutoring. Omg, LAST DAY WITH... SIR? HAHAHAHAHA. Awww, well.. at least i'll see him on Tuesdays. (A)

I'll edit this later, till then.. GOODBYE!!!! :D