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September 2, 2010 // 7:17 PM
DAY 5 - Your definition of love

What the hell is love? I remember when Genvieve asked that on her blog, hahaha. So many cute answers. WAIT, let me Google love first so i have an idea what i'm writing about. HAHAHA. T_T

Okay, i never did Google it cos i ended up trying to edit my template, haha. Sooooo, what is love? Love is... love is... I guess, the most important aspect of love is trust? I guess, haha. I don't even know what i'm saying. HAHAHA. Love is warm feeling of affection. Love is a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction. Imagine replacing that with i love you. HAHAHA. I have deep feelings of sexual desire and attraction for everyonnne... HAHAHA, kiddaaaang boi. Omg. Boi is such a lame word.

Hi, i have a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction towards you. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I am totally saying that to Margaret tomorrow. (A)

OH, OH. I got something. Well, there's different kinds of love. You have love for your family, love for your friends and love for that someone. So, i guess love isn't all about deep sexual desires, cos in Australia we call that incest... :S Ew. Yuck. LOL. D:

Love is me and your mum last night. That's something Lisa would say, HAHAHA. She won't leave my mum alone. :'(

I don't even care about this anymore. I don't know what the hell love is, nor do i give a damn. So there. :)

I love this: