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September 10, 2010 // 7:34 PM

You thought i died or something, eh? Or maybe got a life? Haha, as if. LOL. Sooooooo, HEY! I went to UNSW yesterday! Hahaha. It was an okay day but the bus ride was so crap. Probably cos i had to wake up so early and didn't have a shower. OH YES. I had a strong case of pms. ROFL. Ahhh. I wanna do design, still. LOL. IT LOOKS FUN. HAHAHA. (A) OMG. I GOT TWO LUNCHES. The sandwiches were nice. :9 Oh, the bus ride back to school was alright. It was sprinkling and people were running for the train. LOL. Margaret and I made it to tutor in time. We were actually kinda early for once. :D He finally asked me something.. phew. AND I GOT THE ANSWER RIGHT. YESSSSSSSS. LOL.

Well, onto today. Omg. I haven't even finished english yet.. LOL. GEO WAS ALRIGHT TODAY! We chose the question we wanted. Yaaaaay. I think i'm gonna do bad anyway.. cos... i didn't sound very smart... i just said stuff... if you know what i'm saying. Hahaha.

I'M SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW!! YAAAAAAAY. Vietnamese karaoke, bitches. LMAO. I asked my mummy, she said i can go. Heheee. :) I don't know what to wear, LOL. You know what? I'm really flat and it's pretty depressing. LOL. :'( BUT ANYWAYS, YES. I don't know what to wear. HAHAHA. OMG. I hope Vivian and Michelle go tomorrow! They'll be wearing dresses, HEHE. :D

I don't know if i'm allowed to go Celebration Day next week. I think it'll be awkward, LOL. I want to go but i haven't asked my mum yet, LOL. Sorry Teulstar. HAHAHAHAHA. (A)

Does Kristina touch you inappropriately as well? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.